About Us

Start Fresh Cleaning, LLC, is an independently owned and operated cleaning service.  We operate as a team, and send trained, insured regular employees to your home or business.   


Our employees are trained by us and fully insured by Start Fresh Cleaning. 


We provide you with a consistent team and team leader for every visit to clean your home or property.  And we consistently look for feedback on special requirements, our performance and professionalism -- every visit.

The Start Fresh Cleaning story started with a dog…


One day in the early fall a graceful and fiercely determined dog appeared on our door step and refused to leave. 


In an effort to find the dog’s owner, we searched the neighborhood.  A neighbor informed us that the dog lived in a horrifyingly dirty home around the corner.  We soon learned that the tenants were recently evicted, and our journey together began. 


Cleaning this disaster of a home was not only the start of our cleaning career, it was also a way for our new dog to start fresh. 


Inspired by the motivation and drive of this dog, Rileigh, we clean with grace and determination. 

We believe that everyone will one day have a clean home and that everyone deserves to “Start Fresh”!

How We Clean


Our trained staff will arrive at your home with all necessary supplies.


If you require any special products to be used for your cleaning service, please make us aware of your requirements. 


We will gladly accommodate different products to your specifications.


Each team includes a Team Leader.


Supervisors visit teams daily to ensure our high standards are followed completely.