Post Construction Cleaning Services

As a service for Contractors or Home Owners, we offer special services for cleaning up the debris left behind following construction work done on the home.  In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy we find many builders and homeowners buried in dust.  

Our Post Construction Cleaning Service is for Residential and Commercial locations.

You can ensure that we will shine and polish all of the hard work that has gone into restoring these homes.

Contractors - Have your properties thoroughly cleaned and prepared for you clients so you can move on to your next job.

Home Owners- Have your home thoroughly cleaned allowing yourself to comfortably move back into your home.


Start Fresh Cleaning will thoroughly clean and sanitize the entire property.


We use special industrial-grade cleaning products to ensure the deepest-possible cleaning.


Alternatively, we can do a "Green Cleaning" utilizing state-of-the-art Melaleuca Environmentally safe cleaning products.

Our Post Construction Cleaning Services are based on a detailed inspection of the property prior to price quotation.


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Were you hit by Super Storm Sandy?

Let our Start Fresh Cleaning Team

help you clean up after your builder and get life back to normal!